ORAC Global Standard

ORAC5.0 - The New Global Standard ...

Maqui demonstrates exceptional broad-spectrum antioxidant performance using Total ORAC, the next-generation antioxidant testing method from Brunswick Laboratories.

Total ORAC is an important advancement in antioxidant analysis:

  • The most comprehensive, broad-spectrum antioxidant method available
  • Brings a whole new level of understanding to the radical protective properties of products.

The original ORAC measured against:

peroxyl  Peroxyl – ORAC

 The next-generation ORAC5.0 measures against:

peroxyl  Peroxyl – ORAC
 hydroxyl Hydroxyl - HORAC
 peroxynitrite Peroxynitrite - NORAC
superoxide Superoxide anion - SORAC
singlet-oxygen Singlet oxygen - SOAC

Total ORAC does not just measure against Peroxyl, it measures broad-spectrum performance against the known top 5 radicals:

  • ORAC - Peroxyl
  • HORAC - Hydroxyl
  • NORAC - Peroxynitrite
  • SORAC - Superoxide anion
  • SOAC - Singlet oxygen

Maqui Whole Fruit ORAC5.0 Results - Per gram whole edible portion

200.0 700.0 30.0 500.0 90.0 1520.0