Best Antioxidant Berries: Maqui Berry

5 Vital Facts Why You Should Choose Maqui Berry Active

Australia is one of the very few countries that have strict health regulations and standards.

  1. Maqui Berry Active has the platinum stamp being Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Capsules selected are also Certified Organic Vegetable capsules. Don’t waste your money or your time, insist on the genuine product.
  2. Our commitment that you only receive First Grade Organic Maqui Berry, 100% authentic premium Maqui Berry that has been freeze dried onsite in Chile and manufactured in Australia. Maqui Berry is tested in Chile and independently tested again before production commences.
  3. Unlike many of our competitors we do not mix any fillers, preservatives, sweeteners or artificial additives. Many will use or source poor quality (second or third grade) that has been diluted that merely has a fancy label reflecting a cheaper price.
  4. We ethically source our Maqui Berry directly from Patagonia Forests of Chile. Maqui Berry is only harvested once a year; it is important to us the Chilean Farmers also receive a fair deal.
  5. Maqui Berry Active is manufactured in Brisbane (Australia) and dispatched directly from our facility, Australia-wide and Overseas.