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NOTE: Information on this site has been provided by Professor David Bell of Brunswick Laboratories USA. Copyright - Health Essentials Australia.

We all want to look and feel our best ... and in recent times superfoods have gained popularity in helping to support our diet and general well being. Sitting pretty at the top of the “Superfood Leader Board” in the USA, Europe and Asia is the latest antioxidant berry sensation - Maqui Berry (pronounced mock-ee).

The astonishing antioxidant levels found in Maqui Berry Powder Supplements is due to the presence of extra oxygen molecules.

In general antioxidants work with the body to inhibit the damaging effects caused by “Cell Destroying Free Radicals”. Research suggests that antioxidants play a vital role of our overall well-being when put under strain and boosts the body’s ability to fight against free radicals.

Although it is said the body produces its own supply of antioxidants they are for the most part taken up with fighting the effects of pressures and strains of everyday life.

ORAC Value Test reports conducted by Brunswick Laboratories reported that Maqui Berry yielded an impressive 6,120 per gram; or 612,000 per 100 grams. – See Maqui Berry versus Acai Berry Graph.   

Two capsules daily, or one level teaspoon of Maqui Berry Powder Supplements, delivers a daily ORAC Intake of 6,120. Simply put - WOW!

What is Maqui?

Maqui Berries are grown only in the Patagonia Region of Chile.  This unique deep-purple berry is wild harvested only once a year.  As with most other fruits, berries found in the Equatorial or Arctic regions of the world are more potent and contain higher antioxidant levels than fruits grown in milder climatic areas. 

What is ORAC5.0?

ORAC5.0 is the latest patented test from Brunswick Laboratories, using the latest techniques of measuring antioxidant content in berries and fruits.  ORAC5.0 is also used to measure antioxidant performance against the "5 primary radicals”. It is important to protect our bodies against not just one, but all of these harmful radicals.

How does Maqui perform?

Simply put, the premium Patagonian Maqui used in Maqui Berry Active outperforms all other fruits tested by Brunswick Laboratories. Here are some highlights.

  •     ORAC5.0 value of 1,500 per gram
  •     5 times the ORAC5.0 average of the “Top 10” USDA antioxidant fruits and vegies
  •     “Gold Medalist” against each of the 5 primary radicals.

What does this mean?

The levels of antioxidant protection demonstrated by Maqui ORAC5.0 results have been shown to demonstrate benefits in cell-based efficacy tests.  These indicate:

  •     Reduction of cellular oxidative damage
  •     Stimulation of anti-aging gene, SIRT1

Trust Maqui Berry Active to bring you the superior performance of premium Patagonian Maqui – the new antioxidant superstar. Buy Maqui Berry Powder Supplement Online Today!